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Do you feel something is blocking you from achieving your career or life purpose?
Do you want to find out how to use your potential to climb the rock that is obstructing you?
So that you can maximise your performance in a fulfilling way?


“I ProvidE a Foundation for Your Growth & Performance througH…

Your sense of intention and determination; what to use your powers for


Your capacity to develop into something particular in the future


The degree to which you are able to realise your potential for your purpose

Björn Schigt, Certified Coach
The business case is made easy

You have 6 sales managers who need your leadership attention, but they are on the road most of the time, including you. It would take you cumulatively 1 full week per person per year to take time out from your client acquisition & relationship job.

If your week is worth 200’000 CHF in turnover, with a team of 6 you would have opportunity costs of 1’200’000 CHF. I leverage my coaching with my extensive business experience and provide you with more time for reaching your targets while working with your sales managers to lift their performance for the future.

I am a certified executive coach (individual & team) located in Kilchberg (Zurich) and offer 3 coaching methods and assessments, pre-dominantly providing the foundation for growth & performance of professionals in their mid-career phase:

The Ascend to your Summit program:
A workout for mind and body, combining certified professional life coaching with a light walk in nature and the inspiring energy of the Swiss mountains and lakes. Nature makes you feel grounded and nature restores your mind and body. Nature is the perfect enabler for reflective thinking.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching (SCC):
Developed by #1 Leadership Thinker Marshall Goldsmith, SCC stands for more than 40 years for a proven methodology with guaranteed measurable leadership growth for both individual and teams.

Professional Life Coaching:
For both individuals and teams focusing on career development, resilience, interpersonal dynamics, corporate politics, performance.

In partnership with Certified Professional Assessment Agencies, I offer behavioural assessments.

My executive & operations track record in the corporate world, my coaching experience and education, helps me understanding your professional life purpose, the potential you have and how you can perform to your aspiration.

I received my coaching & certification training from:

Master in Consulting & Coaching for Change:


Stakeholder Centered Coaching:

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Foundations for Integral Development:

+41 79 77 40 692

Connect with me:

For professionals who want a coach, sparring partner or mentor for themselves or for their team on a program or hourly basis


Not only when something is blocking you, a coach adds value – also when things are going well and you want to progress.

I offer a 6-12 months Stakeholder Centered Coaching (certified) with guaranteed measurable results. As a leader you work on 1-2 personal growth areas and you receive monthly feedback & feedforward on your progress by your stakeholders (manager, peers, direct reports).

Stakeholder Centered Coaching - Ascend to your Summit -

Additionally, I offer coaching sessions around building resilience and dealing with failure, interpersonal behaviour improvement, managing up/leading down, handling office politics.


How your team dynamics are and how you want them to be, decides on the performance of the team, regardless of the business you are in.

Just as for individual leaders, I offer a 6-12 months Stakeholder Centered Coaching (certified) for teams with guaranteed measurable results. As a team you work on 1-2 personal growth areas and you receive monthly feedback & feedforward on your progress.

In workshops and team coaching sessions, frequently returning focus topics are: corporate politics, team resilience, (de-)motivational issues, in- & outgroup behaviour, value systems within the team, dysfunctional behaviour of team members, and cross-cultural dimensions.


Find many relevant publications on


If you are looking for a structured and empathetic approach, focused on the blocks on your road, this program may be something for you.

Announcement October 13, 2019:

Winter is coming… so the Ascend to your Summit professional life coaching & hiking takes a seasonal break and is back starting from April 1st, 2020, onward. If you are interested and would like to make a reservation, or have an intake, please send us a mail.

The executive coaching (individual & team) and Stakeholder Centered Coaching are weather resistant: check out the video.

Watch the video for the coaching & hiking process

The coaching & hiking program has 3 parts:
  1. We start with an intake meeting/video call of 1 hour to find out if we feel comfortable with each other and to determine the focus of our attention
  2. Once we have decided on the day and location, we will enjoy our 5-6 hour professional life coaching hiking session
  3. Within 2 weeks, we will follow up with video call of 30-60 minutes to discuss how you hold your ‘promise’ to yourself
TAX Deductible

In Switzerland and most countries career oriented coaching is tax deductible – please check with your tax adviser.


The program fee depends on your wishes for duration, transportation, location, lift tickets, and lunch. Not satisfied? I will return you the coaching fee.

CHF 1,650 – 2,150 for the full program – Intake session is CHF 325, which will be deducted from the full program costs when the client proceeds. Post-hike coaching per hourly rate.

In case you are on a business trip in Switzerland and you want to extend your business/holiday stay with the program, I can work out a solution for you.

SCROLL DOWN to see the program in detail

1 hour face-to-face preparation:

Intake meeting:

To find out if we relate to each other and feel comfortable and competent to discuss your questions and goals.

This will take place prior to the coaching & hiking session.

Establish coaching agreement:

We identify the specific topic for the coaching session:

  • What is the issue/goal you would like to focus on?
  • What is important about this topic/goal for you?

Decide on the hike:

  • Location, profile, duration

We start in the valley: where are you now?

  • We will determine where you are now in your business life and what is important to you, your successes of the past and what you need most right now.

We hike up to the summit: what are you facing?

  • Once we know your starting point, we will talk about your obstacle(s) and how you face them – or not – what you have tried so far and whether you need to find a new approach.

We enjoy the walk to the end of our hike: where do you want to go?

  • Now that we know your obstacle(s) and have talked about how to conquer the rock in front of you, we can envisage how success looks like to you and what is really important to you.

We relax and conclude: what is your plan?

  • The final part of our coaching session is to talk about what you have learned about yourself and the actions you can and want to commit to, to get there where you want to be–and successfully ascend your summit in your professional life.

30 minutes accountability session (audio/video call):

I am partnering with you to “hold” your promise to yourself

  • How will you hold yourself accountable to the goal(s) you set during the coaching session?
  • How will you hold yourself accountable to the goal(s) you set today?
  • How I can I partner with you to enhance your accountability?

How do you feel when you walk the streets down town, full with traffic, people rushing, noise everywhere, tall buildings blocking the sunlight?

How do you feel when you are hiking in the mountains, smelling alpine flowers, pine trees, being surrounded by trees, lakes, cows and perhaps a few deer or ibexes?

I am pretty certain that you feel a lot better in the mountains. Nature has a healing effect and makes you feel better. Sure, a short city trip may fill you with energy, but a longer holiday surrounded by nature, being it the beach and ocean or the mountains and forests recharges your batteries.

Read why: Nature for a Positive Mind: Walk More and Build Resilience

Or watch the summary:


732m elevation

3.5 hr hike time

14km length

This is a breathtaking hike, just over an hour by car from Zurich, but with additional public transport to get back.

From Engelberg, we take the cable car to Trübsee and after a steep ascend we have incredible views on the Alps of central Switzerland. The hike is called the 4 Lakes Hiking Tour and ends at Melchsee-Frutt, from where we take the cable car and public transport back to Engelberg.

We will have a typical Swiss lunch at Restaurant Tannalp, close to the Tannensee.

Engelberg to Melchsee-Frutt Ascend to your Summit
Engelberg to Melchsee-Frutt profile Ascend to your Summit

451m elevation

4 hr hike time

12km length

This is a beautiful and moderate hike, just over an hour by car from Zurich.

The trail leads us from Schönengrund through the fields and forest to the summit at 1245m, where we will have an incredible view on the spectacular Mount Säntis (2505m).

We will have a typical Swiss lunch at Restaurant Hochhamm, overlooking the Alps of Northeastern Switzerland, before we descend back through the forests and fields to Schönengrund.

Schoenengrund Ascend to your Summit
Schoenengrund profile Ascend to your Summit
Example COACHING Hike Langnau – Albishorn – Langnau (KANTON ZURICH)

486m elevation

4 hr hike time

12km length

This is a foresty and easy hike, very close to Zurich, only 20 minutes by car from the city.

The trail leads us from the Wildlife Park in Langnau through the forest towards the summit at 915m, Bürglenstutz, which is the highest point of the Albisridge.

We will have a typical Swiss lunch at Bergrestaurant Albishorn, overlooking the lake of Zurich, before we descend back to Langnau.

Langnau-Albis Ascend to your Summit
Langnau-Albis profile Ascend to your Summit

At Mindful Brain, we believe that every individual has the potential to grow and flourish in this world, and mindfulness is part of our journey to well-being, productivity and fulfillment.

Mindful Brain is committed to providing excellent and rigorous mindfulness-based interventions and training in order to make flourishing a daily reality for you. We are motivated to provide the most high-quality, evidence-based training experiences for people who genuinely want to optimize their well-being and performance in their personal lives, relationships, and their careers. Mindfulness may be applied to your individual life as well as in the fields of health, business, education, and overall community development.

Our mindfulness interventions are rooted in the most modern, research-based yet practical and applicable findings in neuroscience, psychology, contemplative practices, and other related sciences. We are constantly working to stay up to date with the latest discoveries that enable us to become increasingly mindful and present as instructors and students ourselves.